Cod's Plaice is a traditional fish and chips takeaway that prioritised the quality of the food we served.


Our Billingate-Sourced fish are delivered fresh daily at the shop, deboned on the same day and cooked to order. There's no medium-sized, craggy logs of unpalattable fish. Our Fish are smooth and buttery and thick and evenly battered to keep the fish moist and juicy inside during the frying process. To reach this level of freshness we change the fyring oil and freshly mixed the batter in batch daily. 


At Cod's Plaice, we are proud to be serving dishes that our customers will enjoy at a value our customers will  pleasantly appreciate.


Kilburn's best fish and chips   takeaway


Our Roast Chicken are locally sourced and marinated for 24 hrs with our secret recipe and roasted in small batches to keep the meat fresh and succulent.


Don't forget to check out our specials of the week menu, serving varieties of home made Asian Delicacies to traditional British cuisines. All freshly made by our local food enthusiasts so now everyone can conveniently enjoy a real home cook meal.  

Fish Swimming

 Chef's Specialty

Special Kong Po

Chicken Nuggets

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Tel: 0207 624 6274

email: codsplaicekilburn@gmail.com

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